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Re: Mary Re: Paul Willis' 2/7/98 2:04 AM posting Re. Re. Re. Deinosuchus, etc.

>The above posting and previous are specific examples of why it is 
>absolutely imperative for new list members to read the Dinosaur List 
>guidelines and archives for a while before posting.


Sage advice, but there may be a practical problem with it.  The welcoming
message I received states:

>The rules I used
>for deciding whether or not a message should be distributed were
>mostly straightforward netiquette.  However, if you intend to submit
>messages to the list you are strongly encouraged to familiarize
>yourself with those rules.  They can be found at:

I have tried repeatedly to access this site (using two separate browsers)
and have never gotten a response.  I just get an hourglass waiting for a
reply until my server cuts me off for lack of activity.  If I am not the
only one having this problem, this might partly explain some of the postings
we've been seeing lately.

Nicholas Wren