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Re: Paul Willis' 2/7/98 2:04 AM posting Re. Re. Re. Deinosuchus, etc.

>Paul, you're only showing your ego (I could use another three-letter word.)

<SNIP the yada, yada, yada>

<big snip>

Boy, if this guy self combusts over a matter like this, how does he expect
to survive in the real world? I've gone over the thread and, although I
vigoroursly attacked his ideas and dropped some off-hand commnets, I left
him pretty unscathed and certainly don't think I did anything to merit his
last pustulant post.

But of particular concern is the fact the he still ducks the question of
the inappropriateness of overspeculating in a public forum. It's probably
not worth pursuing any further because he as promised not to read any of my
further posts.

Is this an opportunity for a free kick or what? (No, contain yourself Willis).

Lastly, much to the relief of some list members, I'll be off for two weeks.
I'll be playing with Giganotosaurus and Sue, so I figure I'll still get my
dino fix without the list.



Dr Paul M.A. Willis
Consulting Vertebrate Palaeontologist
Quinkana Pty Ltd