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Re: Brainiest dinosaur ?

Aha! This has become one of my favorite recurring questions. Let me take
this opportunity (or rather, seize it) to throw a monkey wrench at it

Normally, this discussion proceeds along the lines of "how  big was the
brain," progressing to various observations about the ratio of "brain
size to body size" ending in a "whose is bigger" judgement about

It goes without saying that similar attempts to determine intelligence
in modern day animals (eg. Dolphins vs.People and People vs People) have
resulted only in endless discussion as well.  It also goes without
saying that since we're dealing with fossils and not documentary movies
of living animals that we'll never know.

So, what would be great, is some attempts at defining "Paleo
Intelligence"  What on earth does that mean? Is an animal that can hide
cleverly more intelligent than one with big long teeth that scares away
its enemies?  Is an animal that runs fast more intelligent than one with
big feet than can crush smaller animals? Did dinosaurs develop a written
language? (skip that last one).

What do y'all think?


Paul Charlton wrote:

> Does anyone know which dinosaur was the most intelligent ?
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