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Re: Brainiest dinosaur ?

D.I.G. wrote:

> So, what would be great, is some attempts at defining "Paleo
> Intelligence"  What on earth does that mean? Is an animal that can hide
> cleverly more intelligent than one with big long teeth that scares away
> its enemies?  Is an animal that runs fast more intelligent than one with
> big feet than can crush smaller animals? Did dinosaurs develop a written
> language? (skip that last one).
> What do y'all think?
> ES

Years ago, I saw an article somewhere, possibly in Discover magazine, about
intelligence in cats.  Therein, a guy who knew a lot about cats' brains and
how they work was asked, "so how smart is a cat?"  His answer was, "A cat is
very smart at being a cat.  Does it better than anyone else."

-- Jon W.