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>>From: JSeward123@aol.com
>>  Now my scenario: The T. rex was chasing the Edmontosaurus in a
>>pursuit. In an effort to trip the Edmontosaurus, the T. rex cocks his
>head to (snip)
>No no no!  Here's what REALLY happened:
>Tyrannosaurus found a fossil footprint and said (holding up a tiny
>finger to make the point) that it was made by Deinosuchus.
>Edmontosaurus pointed to the still-living Deinosuchus in a nearby pond
>munching an alamosaur (and farting happily and rather rhytmically) and
>queried how this 50 million year old footprint could possibly have been
>made by a live and very-much still kicking crocodylian . . .
>You finish the story!  Another ancient mystery solved!
Later, after his riveting hi-speed escape from the tyrannosaur, the
edmontosaur proudly flaunts his mangled tail to his peers and impresses
every hot babe in the herd with whom he promptly <censored>. This sets a
dangerous precedent among the adolescent male hadrosaur population which
starts a trend (which rapidly spreads to other herbivore species) of waving
their tails in front any large hungry theropod in the hopes of obtaining a
such comely "I outran a Rex" battle -scar...usually with somewhat more
messy results...

thus the extinction of the dinosaurs was secured...