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Re: "plumed" serpents

D.I.G. wrote:
> Could someone define a term please:
> "ancients"
> Who are we talking about?
> Also, exactly which "ancient dragons" had feathery wings? What culture?
> When?

the same artists that painted Putties (little kids' heads' attached to
feathery wings with no bodies),in classic painting sof the Baroque and
Rococo periods. 
Medeival European manuscripts and older did not, as a rule, depict
dragons as winged, much less with feathery wings.  
(Cockatrices, yes, but they are rooster/toad hybrids, so it's allowed)

> (personally, except for Quetzcoatl, I've never heard of a "feathery
> dragon" and it's doubtful whether old Quetz was considered a dragon.Wasn't
> it a bird?" The one that lives in the Chrysler Building here in NY doesn't
> look like a dragon.)

that bird was named after the raingod, not the other way round
Good ol' Quetzal is depicted all over one of the pyramids in Mexico with
each head functioning as a drainspout.

-Betty Cunningham