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Re: "plumed" serpents

Uh, sorry, the crack about the "Quetz" who lives in the Chrysler Building in NYC
was a joke. I guess I must the only person who admits to having seen the movie
"Q."  It's fun actually, but that is a story for a different day.

Betty Cunningham wrote:

> D.I.G. wrote:
> >
> > Could someone define a term please:
> > "ancients"
> > Who are we talking about?
> > Also, exactly which "ancient dragons" had feathery wings? What culture?
> > When?
> the same artists that painted Putties (little kids' heads' attached to
> feathery wings with no bodies),in classic painting sof the Baroque and
> Rococo periods.
> Medeival European manuscripts and older did not, as a rule, depict
> dragons as winged, much less with feathery wings.
> (Cockatrices, yes, but they are rooster/toad hybrids, so it's allowed)
> > (personally, except for Quetzcoatl, I've never heard of a "feathery
> > dragon" and it's doubtful whether old Quetz was considered a dragon.Wasn't
> > it a bird?" The one that lives in the Chrysler Building here in NY doesn't
> > look like a dragon.)
> that bird was named after the raingod, not the other way round
> Good ol' Quetzal is depicted all over one of the pyramids in Mexico with
> each head functioning as a drainspout.
> -Betty Cunningham

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