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Re: "plumed" serpents

>From: D.I.G :
> Could someone define a term please: "ancients"
> Who are we talking about?

Anyone older than the person using the word.

> Also, exactly which "ancient dragons" had feathery wings?
> What culture? When?

I look thru my dragon books and I don't see many feathers.

> (personally, except for Quetzcoatl, I've never heard of a
> "feathery dragon" and it's doubtful whether old Quetz was
> considered a dragon.  Wasn't it a bird?"

A "feathered serpent", as I recall.  Of course, serpents
aren't dragons, and they aren't saurian - birds are.  And
I recall reading that some cultures had dragons based on
non-reptilian models, like the horse- and elephant-dragons
of India, and the fish- and frog-dragons of Indochina.

> The one that lives in the Chrysler Building here in NY
> doesn't look like a dragon.)

And the droppings are pure birdsh!t.

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