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Re: Food for second thoughts?

> Mood is a real toughie for scientists to deal with in a rational manner.
> If you can provide physical eidence that the croc in question was merely
> being 'moody', without any physical stimulus, then all power to you.

Not I dear lady. It's more a case of being full then being 
not in the mood. As has been said by others, some animals 
kill for the thrill after they are sated. It seems the 
crocodile pounces on instinct, but after that while he's 
about to drag his prey underwater, he may release it. If he 
hasn't fed and he has a good grip on the prey, it's going to 
die, very little question about it. 

I don't know exactly where you might be able to get hold of 
the material about this. I know it's mentioned in a few 
nature world programs.  :)

Can you explain the bird behavious to me? Do they make threats to 
avoid attacks? Is that the idea?

> It's hard to say about dinosaurs.  Maybe they did and maybe they didn't.

True, but guess work is half the work!