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Reptile turnover

      How do the population turnover rates of reptiles compare with those
of endotherms?  If an ectotherms maintain higher population densities,
does that also imply a larger number of animals dropping dead at any
given time, or is absolute mortality sbout the same as in endotherms (e.g.
a LOWER % mortality rate), and somehow offset by low juvenile survivorship
rates?  Sorry if that doesn't make sense; I'm starting to feel like a
wannabeid.  I'm thinking about ectothermic dinosaurs, large numbers
of big, dead animals, large size lowering mass-specific metabolism
beyond anything alive today, and the consequent ability of a carnivore to
make a living on scavenging...  
     By the way; has anyone figured out yet whata "megalosaur" is?  I
heard a year or two ago someone in Britan was going to tackle the problem.  

LN Jeff