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Research Project

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>Subject: Research Project
>Dear Jeff, My name is Grace Principe and I am a sophmore working on a
>research project. A requirement for this project is to contact a
>proffesional related to my topic. I am trying to see if it is plausible
>for Jurassic Park to really happen.  If you could help me by answering
>these questions, it would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
>1) How true were the details in the movie Jurassic Park?
>2) How big would a cage have to be to hold a T-rex, if (hypothetically)
>it was to be in captivation? (Like in Jurassic Park)
>3) How big a cage for a velocipator?
>4) How big a cage for a Dilophosaurus?
>5) How long do you believe the dinosaurs existed?
>6) What dinosaur(s) had the largest population?
>7) What was the most interesting fossil you have ever studied? And where
>was it found?
>8) If you could pick a dinosaur to come back to life, what would it be,
>and why?
>9) Are there any characteristics in animals today that was similar to
>the behavior of dinosaurs then?
>10) Were there any dinosaurs that coexisted with each other, such as
>defending each other from enemies?
>11) What continent was most dinosaur fossils discovered?
>12) Would it be possible to actually create a dinosaur with the
>knowledge and technology we have today?
>13) What is your theory on how the dinosaurs became extinct?
>14) How many dinosaur fossils have you studied, approximately?
>    Once again, thank you for your help. Grace Principe
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