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Re: Food for second thoughts?

Matt S. Staples wrote:

"...a predator may catch its prey but willingly let it go because it really
wasn't in the mood..."

and Betty Cunningham observed that 

"Mood is a real toughie for scientists to deal with..."

In Matt's example, the predator seemed to simply let its prey go after
apparently subduing it; I would point out that in at least some cases, this
letting go event may not be a matter of mood, but sheer exhaustion; although
the predator has successfully brought down its prey, it is so tired itself
that the kill is just too much effort.  This is especially likely in the case
of a relatively small predator against a large victim.  An example that comes
to mind is a small pride of lions v. a young elephant.  I've seen an example
of this on a national geographic episode.  Apparently victorious, the 3 or 4
lions are simply unable to kill the young elephant after a long chase coupled
with some hard resistance, even though the elephant winds up down on the

Dessert, anyone?

Wayne A. Bottlick.