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>Ngorongoro Crater is famous for its lack of hyenas, thus lions are top.
>Hyenas, when lacking lions, will kill and so will jackals, I assure you,
>to the point that they excell in fields where lions are usually prime,
>and exceed the lion standard.

Jackals are much much smaller, closer to fox size.  They cannot bring down
large prey that the lions and hyaenas can.  Are you sure you aren't talking
about Cape Hunting Dogs (a.k.a. African Wild Dogs, Painted Wolves--genus
Lycaon)?  They are about the most efficient predetors anywhere, and hunt in
packs which are sometimes very large (over 50 individuals).  In fact they
have an astonishing success rate, up to 70-80%, and will take prey in the
same size class as lions and hyaenas.  (I'm reminded, free-association
style, of that trackway supposedly showing 30-40 Allosauruses following a
herd of sauropods).

Seth A. Ellestad.