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Re: Food for second thoughts?

Matt wrote: 
> Can you explain the bird behavious to me? Do they make threats to
> avoid attacks? Is that the idea?

a general example would be that of nesting birds driving off an owl or
hawk.  They make rushing attacks that carefully do not come within reach
of the bird of prey.  I've seen rarely where the bird (in this case a
Red-tailed Hawk) turned very quickly and nabbed the sparrow that was
harassing it, killing the sparrow but usually what will happen is that
the sparrows (or crows or jays or whatever) will drive simply make it
difficult for the bird of prey to get anything done and it goes away out
of their territory.

a threat display is cheaper and far more feasible in this case than
actual confontation.

Birds of the same species that compete for territory or mates use more
elaborate displays such as singing, feather ruffling, or acrobatics to
define their territory and to defend it from other birds of the same
species.  Again, it's easier on the birds themselves then direct

I can see hadrosaurs honking at each other to say "watch it buddy, she's
mine" but I'm a little awed by the idea of hadrosaurs 'bombing' a T rex.