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Re: Canine hunting behaviour (was Brainiest dinosaur ?)

Matt wrote:
> I don't know if this might have any use, but ever niticed
> that those little dogs, all they do it eat sleep and attack!
> While larger dogs (excluding the varieties bred to be
> aggressive) can often display an apparently wider range of
> emotions, like overprotectiveness of it's owners, and even
> affection. I could be biased against the little dogs,
> admittedly. I see no point in them.
> ----------------------
> Matt
> mss196@soton.ac.uk

Sounds like classic predator behaviour to me. Many of the smaller
varieties of dogs (most of the terriers really) have been bred for
hunting, in fact the word terrier comes from the French (and
Latin) for earth, since many were designed to do down burrows after
small defenceless creatures. So then we're agreed - 

small dogs are definitely NOT total scavengers :)
        Dann Pigdon
        Melbourne, Australia

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