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Re: Food for second thoughts?

Matt wrote:
> > Mood is a real toughie for scientists to deal with in a rational manner.
> > If you can provide physical eidence that the croc in question was merely
> > being 'moody', without any physical stimulus, then all power to you.
> Not I dear lady. It's more a case of being full then being
> not in the mood. As has been said by others, some animals
> kill for the thrill after they are sated. It seems the
> crocodile pounces on instinct, but after that while he's
> about to drag his prey underwater, he may release it. If he
> hasn't fed and he has a good grip on the prey, it's going to
> die, very little question about it.

Unfortunately for this scenario, many croc species will store food
by wedging the carcass under logs or rocks underwater if they
are not immediately hungry. I don't know that they'd waste a kill,
they're pretty efficient creatures.
        Dann Pigdon
        Melbourne, Australia

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