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On Tue, 10 Feb 1998 12:02:33 -0500 Alaric Shapli writes:
>> Jaime Headden wrote: 
>> There's no known modern large carnivore that is a pure scavenger, yes,
but on the >>other hand there's only one modern large carnivore that will
never scavenge, and >>that may be more a matter of  necessity than
preference.  No cheetah has ever >>been observed to scavenge another
animal's kill (snip)
>>  Point is, evolving as a hunter doesn't exclude scavenging as a
secondary or even >>primary method of finding food.
OK, I missed the discussion leading up to this (horrible hard disk
accident...bad sectors lay everywhere), but the statements are slightly
in error.  I would argue that pythons and anacondas qualify as  "large
carnivores"; to my knowledge, neither one has ever been known to
scavenge, although freshly killed food items will be taken by captive
specimins.  In many cases, when using this method, it is necessary to
simulate a living food item by moving , say, a dead chicken around in
front of the snake.  It is highly recommended to use long forceps when
employing this method.

"I was attacked by two hordes and killed them both"

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