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Ok, here are some refs I haven't seen announced here yet:

Galton, P M. 1997.  Comments on sexual dimorphism in the prosauropod dinosaur
_Plateosaurus engelhardti_ (Upper Triassic, Trossingen).  Neues Jarbuch fur
Geologie und Palaontologie Mh 1997 H(11):674-682.

and this one isn't quite that new, but, again, I haven't seen it here yet:

Kemp, R A, and Unwin, D M.  1997.  The skeletal taphonomy of _Archaeopteryx_:
a quantitative approach.  Lethaia 30:229-238.

Enjoy everyone.

Peter Buchholz

There could so easily be mountain lions here because it's so flat babe.