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Male lions are far from incompetant hunters , up until a lion Is in his prime
and ready to take a pride for himself, he must hunt by himself or a with a
companion or brother's help. It could be said that a male lion must actually
be a better hunter than a given female primarily because in most cases(when he
has no companion) he must hunt without the advantage of the team who often use
a collective strategy to scare their prey into an area where there are other
females waiting in ambush. Also in the pride, when one lion catches hold of an
animal,the rest scurry in to help take it down, leaving less room for failure.
Male lions dont usually hunt in the pride more out of privilege than
Incompetance. Although there are males in Savutti that often hunt at night.
Its been said that once a males mane has grown to its full length it slows
their ability to hunt because it makes them more noticable to the prey. If a
male had not proven himself to be a formidable hunter he would have been able
to take his own pride.   All this has been documented time and again.  Then
again  lions in different 
regions of africa have behave completely different than others depending on
many environmental factors ie  heayenas,migratory cycles etc. 
Sorry for straying to far off the subject but I had to clear that up 
please correct me If I have mistaked ! after all not everyone can be an expert

Paleo art