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Re: Hibernation and KT boundary?

Are you suggesting that hibernation was triggered by the K/T event?
Remember that it's possible the K/T event took place over thousands of

Or are you suggesting that animals already in hibernation survived the
K/T event?  As if the event were of short duration?
There are 2 hemispheres, only one goes through winter at a time, and
there is a 1 in 2 chance that niether was going through a winter if the
K/T event took place in a short time frame.  Just some things to keep in
mind when trying to account for things.

-Betty Cunningham

Richard Swigart wrote:
> Angela Chaves brings up a good question.  I have from time to time taken up
> Dr. Baaker's challenge, and thought about the animals that made it through
> the K-T event.
> We know frogs & toads made it -- can live for extended time under ground.
> We know alligators / crocs made it -- eggs are laid in fermenting piles of
> vegetation
> Mammals, only insectivores made it?? -- able to live underground or
> hibernate?
> at least one type of bird made it -- polar ranging bird? (event may not have
> been as bad there)
> Many insects can winter over as eggs or larvae.
> Has anyone done extensive studies on the suspected transition animals?  Is
> there evidence that the animals that made it through could on the whole live
> for a time is a sheltered way?
> I am interested, hope others are too.
> Richard Swigart
> rswigart@worldnet.att.net