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Re: "plumed" serpents (LONG)

> From: bettyc@flyinggoat.com <guest@CARSON.ENC.ORG>
> Here at: http://sorrel.humboldt.edu/~geog309i/ideas/dragons/t&m.html
> is a generalisation of the Babylonian legend of creation.

Babylon IIRC inherited lots of its mythology from earlier
Mesopotamian cultures, some of which were rather long-
lived.  Don't myths usually evolve over time?  Wouldn't
any specific creation myth be just a 'snapshot' of the
origin myths of a culture?  Aren't mythic entities given
different powers, appearances, attributes, depending on
who's telling a tale, and where and when?  Couldn't a
dragon have lost or gained feathers or scales or hair?

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