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Re: T. Rex the hunter (the DMNH Edmontosaurus revisited)

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"The first thing that struck me about the mounted specimen (DMNH 1495)
was how
undamaged the rest of the vertebral column was.  The damage occured
only on caudal vertebra #15, and only the top half of the neural spine
was missing.  It also appears that some ossified tendons below
caudal#15 were also damaged.  The 15th caudal vertebra is situated
in the front half of the tail."

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        I feel I must jump in here...I was one of three people who helped
remount that specimen, and I alone did all the ossified tendons!  They're
not real; they're all painted plastic rod.  I used much of the older
hadrosaurid literature to determine the patterns and lengths in which the
tendons lay (they differ between hadrosaurine and lambeosaurines).  The
bite on the tail was known previously, although not much attention was
brought to it; I think the remounting helped bring it back into a focused
view, and I had a little fun in making the tendons look just as damaged in
the vicinity of the bite (it doesn't show in the photo, but there are small
stringers running from the bitten-through tendons -- very
eewy-gooey-looking  ;-D  )  So while I don't think I did anything
erroneous, one can't draw any scientific conclusions from them, either,
simply because they aren't real.

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