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Re: "Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs" versus "Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia"

Anybody interested in these books should take a look at:
It is best to have them all. Each of them provides a lot of new and
different information. The prices are actually a bit lower then previously
stated on this list.
Anyway, for the price of total $281,97 you can get all three books with
total 2,706 pages and about 2,300 illustrations! It is interesting to note,
though, that the prices of these books form almost perfect linear

1)"The Complete Dinosaur"
by James O. Farlow, M.K. Brett-Surman,
Price: $41.97

2)"Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs" by Philip J. Currie, Kevin Padian
Price: $95.00
Dinosaurs : The Encyclopedia
by Author=Donald F. Glut

3)"Dinosaurs : The Encyclopedia"
by Author=Donald F. Glut
Price: $145.00