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> >Perhaps it was dragging the carcass off to find cover, and simply
> >grabbed the closest part of the body.
> I think that is a real good assumption, especially looking at how some 
> modern day predators carry their prey off sometimes to hide it from 
> others.  T Rex could very possibly do the same.

I propose that, like the extant leopard, the _T.rex_ would transport the
huge ceratopid for some distance, and then carry it up a tree, where it
could eat without being disturbed.  Or, alternately, the diminutively armed
theropod buried its quarry for later consumption.  The _T. rex_ tree cache
scenario would be consistent with the trees down origin of flight in birds,
and could even be extended to suggest that, at times, the wily _T. rex_
would drop a ceratopid carcass onto unsuspecting passersby in an effort to
subdue a side dish.

Or: how, exactly, does one "find cover" for a five ton carcass?

Ralph Miller III <gbabcock@best.com>

"Someone had to kill that bird."