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Re: True Predator

At 08:16 PM 2/11/98 -0600, Roger wrote:
>Hello all,
>I've been following the predation-scavaging thread and done a little
>research. As far as I can tell there is one and only one extant absolute
>predator. Pandion haliaetus, or Osprey. This member of the family
>Pandiondae will not take or eat a dead fish or take a fish killed by
>another, and they feed exculsively on fish.

To any ophidiologists on the net: is it true that most snakes will not eat
food unless they are close to body temperature?

P.S.  I have been without email since Monday lunchtime.  If I have not
responded to email requests (netwide or personal), it wasn't because I've
been ignoring you...

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