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Re: Display sctructure (was Re: Sci. Am. - present. [long]

>While we're on display structures, I was watching footage of the
>Philippine sail-tailed lizard (is that the correct name?) and
>noticed how they used their tall narrow tails to swim. The structure
>of the tail reminded me instantly of that of Protoceratops. Some
>people have suggested that the "bill board" tail of protoceratopsians
>was used as a display device. Is there any chance they could use it
>to swim as well? When you look at those heads they seem fairly
>aquadynamic (well, almost).

     Bakker suggested the " billboard " scenario. And Brown and Shajaker 
( sp ) in 1923?, suggested Protoceratops was aquatic. Just thought this 
could help.


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