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T. Rex etc.

"Bloated  T.rex" - yes, wrong direction
Bill Adlam as above - much easier to believe if you bear in mind it's the
point of contact with the ground that has to be (below) the centre of
gravity.  The acetabulum's position is irrelevant.  Also, the 'behind the
toes' mass can be smaller of course, so long as its average distance behind
is correspondingly greater.

On the same topic, to compensate for a full stomach I think it would have
to move the toes towards the nose - I think that's opposite to what Nick
Wren said.  This isn't my topic really, but I have to say I'm finding it
hard to believe a tyrannosaur could eat 0.25 of its weight.  But then the
mouth is so huge. . .   No-one has yet quoted _PDW_ that tyrannosaurs had
an advantage over dromeosaurs in that they could swallow larger lumps, and
so a higher percentage of a carcass.  

I also find it hard to believe the eating capacity quoted for a cheetah.

Any evidence of herding in ceratopians?  Thousands of tons of bone beds I
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