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Edmontosaurus the cranky? (was T.rex the hunter)

Okay, here's another scenario: the Edmontosaurus in question was
bitten by another Edmontosaurus. Why assume that only predators
bite things? If hadrosaurs in general were colony nesters then
perhaps they tended to get a bit edgy when packed together, just as
most colony nesting sea birds do. Sea birds tend to build nests
that are just outside of pecking distance of their nearest neighbours.
I seem to remember reading somewhere that hadrosaur nests tend to be
spaced about one adult length appart. Perhaps their social behaviour
stopped at nesting together for safety in numbers and did not
extend to being particularly nice to each other (unlike, say, lions
or Cape hunting dogs, with their elaborate social rituals that are
meant to keep everyone friends, more-or-less). I imagine those
hadrosaur beaks could give a nasty nip.
        Dann Pigdon
        Melbourne, Australia

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