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RE: mass, momentum, & misc.

Bill Adlam wrote:

> Do the artists on the list have rules of thumb for determining centres of
>> gravity or, even better, use models?

Greg Wenzel of The Dinosaur Studio has sculpted several free-standing
theropods (meaning that there is no base to which the feet are attached)
and using nothing more than proper scaling and anatomy, they all stand
upright and balanced just fine. He also sculpted a 1:35th scale
_Pachycephalosaurus_ that balances on its feet as well. What's odd about
that animal is that the bulk of the body seems to be all in front of the
hips; the tail is nothing more than a thin, flattened rod. Yet it stands
balanced quite easily. Nature has a funny way of making things work, even
if it seems unlikely.

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)