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Re: How intelligent were dinosaurs

Donna Kimba4evr@aol.com writes:
>  - remember, humans use only a portion of our brains, we don't know what,
> if anything, the majority of ours is used for.

As others have pointed out on this list before, it is a myth that we do not
use most of our brains.  Modern technology has scanned the activity within
our brains, and it's not so confined as the above statement would imply. 
(Although one might argue that the originator of the above myth -- not
referring to you, of course -- was "the exception that proves the rule," to
coin a nettlesome phrase).  It seems that once myths become a part of our
culture, they're almost impossible to eradicate.  Just look at bigfoot,
Nessie, and crop circles, all proven to be hoaxes by the very hoaxters who
created them, and doing just fine, thank you very much.  Somehow,
retractions such as these don't merit the attention of our sensationalist

Ralph Miller III <gbabcock@best.com>

"And an unmarried American woman over 40 is more likely to be struck by
lightning than to find a spouse."  That's a good one.