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Re: "plumed" serpents (LONG)

we're plunging way off topic here so - to be brief-
the Babylonian creation myth involving Tiamat was not just a "story"
people told each other for entertainment, but the basis of a religion
with temples and priests and followers who worshipped her as a goddess,
and so important was this epic to the priests that THEY WROTE IT DOWN
(one of those new-fangled things to come out of the Fertile Crescent). 
It's kinda like the Book of Genesis hasn't changed much in the details
in the last umpity-ump years, and shouldn't be considered a snapshot of
culture for that time period.
(We aren't talking fairy tales like the story of Cinderella after
all-she was Egyptian.)
-Betty Cunningham

Ric Carter wrote:
> Babylon IIRC inherited lots of its mythology from earlier
> Mesopotamian cultures, some of which were rather long-
> lived.  Don't myths usually evolve over time?  Wouldn't
> any specific creation myth be just a 'snapshot' of the
> origin myths of a culture?  Aren't mythic entities given
> different powers, appearances, attributes, depending on
> who's telling a tale, and where and when?  Couldn't a
> dragon have lost or gained feathers or scales or hair?