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Funny thing about Agrosaurus...

I've been following this thread and am finaly commenting on it. After carefully 
pulling out my 
Dinofest, 1997 from under a 1 1/2 pile of articles (which the whole pile is 
about 3 feet tall), 
I'm going to give my 2 cents worth.

There is a very, very good chance that it's NOT from Australia. In an article 
in the Second 
Dinofest Symposium, Rich & Vickers-Rich (is that the right way to write it?) 
state in a note added 
in proof, Page 276, most likely is from Durdham Down near Bristol, England, and 
most likely 
referable to Thecodontosaurus antiquus. The article will appear in Alcheringa, 
hopefully soon.

Rich, Thomas H., and Patricia Vickers-Rich, 1997. Future Directions for 
Dinosaur Research in 
Australia. Dinofest International, 1997: 275-277.