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Utility of Scavenger vs. Predator Argument

Gentlemen and Ladies:

I have been somewhat bemused by the amount of energy spent on the argument 
between those who think T. Rex was a scavenger vs. those who think T. Rex 
was a predator.  It seems I must be missing something.  I'd like to know 
why this argument is so intense, and in what significant way knowing the 
answer would advance our knowledge.

BTW I like to argue too; momma always said I'd dispute with a sign post for 
the sake of the argument.  And this argument is fun, and interesting.  But 
what does it all MEAN?

Best regards,
Jack Poynter
Private citizen (read "taxpayer" and/or "contributor to museums")
Eoprogrammerus Informaticus
9232 Andrew Drive
Manassas Park, VA  20111