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Re: T. Rex the hunter (the DMNH Edmontosaurus revisited)

You may recall my post on the broken neural spine: it could have been 
bitten (or nipped) off if only the tip of the snout were used, and only 
a little force applie to the spine in question, and of course adjacent 
to the spines Jeff Martz pointed out, where the teeth could have grated 
down and broken into the bone. But consider, but bit would have still 
been too small for a T. rex adult; however, a juvenile is possibly, 
feeding from a adult-killed edmontosaur (no evidence for this, I 
believe) or if the aublysodont had killed it. The purpose may have been 
to go after succulent caudal muscles, which I would assume would be the 
_only_ reason a theropod may have gone after the tail _post mortis_ 

Jaime A. Headden

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