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Re: HTML e-mail

At 12:03 PM 2/14/98 -0500, D.I.G. wrote:
>How many folks on the list are still using e-mail software that is
>unable to receive "Rich Text" or HTML e-mail?
>As this is the new international standard for e-mail, you would be well
>advised (if possible) to obtain up-to-date software.
>If, however, there are HUGE numbers of folks who (because of University
>administration or other considerations) are stuck using software that
>they wouldn't wish on their worst enemy, perhaps the Listserver can be
>configured to strip it off.

   Although I derive my living from people buying up-to-date software, I
should point out that this is not the entire story.  As I stated in my
earlier post, most of the messages I see that have hypertext markup have
BOTH a markup section and a regular text section, more than doubling the
size of the message.  Many people on this list have a space limit on their
mail server, myself included.  This size limit varies to a good sized one
like I have that almost never gets maxed out, to at least one person on this
list with such a small disk quota that they had to ask that flip comments
stop being sent to the list because the extra messages were maxing them out.
One of the nasty things about the current client/server model is you now
have two machines to deal with...

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