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Re: T. REX THE HUNTER(finding cover)

In a message dated 98-02-15 03:05:14 EST, you write:

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 > >
 > >Or: how, exactly, does one "find cover" for a five ton carcass?
 > >
 > I have no clue, just another one of my stupid ideas.  Once again I show
 > how much of an amateur I am, by saying something I can't back up.
 Dan pidgon wrote
 >There are no stupid ideas, they're just either right or wrong. In cases
 >like this where they can't be proven any idea is equally valid
 >until disproven (which if impossible to do makes all ideas valid).
 >Besides, ever tried finding a herd of elephants (let alone one)
 >in the wild? Well, neither have I, but they can be pretty hard to
 >find with enough cover about.
Well realistically why would it be so impossible to hide the carcass
from another being of your size. It seems alot of people think that because
many dinosaurs were so large in comparison to humans that they looked upon
eachother from the eyes of an average 180 pound male. We are tremendous
animals in comparison to, lets say rabbits but do we look on eachother as
being that big. Why do we always assume that the size of an animal is always
directly comparible to ourselves (our big egos maybe). 
I'm not so sure that it was, impossible to hide that carcass. after all, I
could prabably hide myself from a rabbit in the wilderness. Of couse it would
have taken alot of vegetation to hide a dead carcass or even a live one for
that matter.
 I know I sure can hide from my dog, and he has the advantage of smell at his

F. Denota