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Re: "plumed" serpents (LONG)

dinosaur@interport.net wrote:
> The problem with the discussion about the relationship of so-called
> "dragons" to fossil finds, is, undoubtedly, the word "dragon" itself.
> To state the obvious, "dragon" is a European word (as contrasted, for
> example with "leong" or "leung" which are Chinese words for a SIMILAR,
> but not identical creature).  Therein the problem.
> What, exactly, were the perpetrators of various myths really referring
> to? How many of them actually used the word dragon?  What word did
> they
> really use? What "non-scholarly type" simply dumped the word dragon in
> as a translation for some other word to either inadvertantly or
> deliberatly bowdlerize the concept?
> It is a propensity of modern "new age" life to sort of pick and chose
> what feels good in a conversation and often what is the easiest or
> simplest way to put something. While I won't debate (or debase) the
> merits of that methodology, it's clear that it is, often as not, based
> on subjective agendas, and not on direct translation or any kind of
> genuine inquiry into the facts.
> Hence: D R A G O N. What the heck is that anyway? Is it the thing that
> Sean Connery did the voice for in Dragonslayer? Is it what St. George
> killed?  Or is it one of the four different flavors of creature that
> the
> Chinese scare away with firecrackers on New Years.
> Beware (he said ominiously and melodramtially) of cultural centrism!
> es

To the best of my knowledge the dragon was nothing more then a symbol
chaos in Europe.  Since chaos surrounded the concept of both the
creation of the universe, and life in gerneral, the dragon was the
of order.  In the east on the other hand, the dragon was a symbol of
order and peace.  Unless it was provoked, then it was chaos that ruled
with the dragons in the lead.

As to how the legends began, well, I have a theory of my own, but of
course no evidence to back it up, it's just something I prefer to
believe in.

Oh, BTW, that was Sean Connery as the voice of Draco in "Dragonheart".
The dragon in "Dragonslayer" only roared a lot and gave Peter McNichol
hard way to go.


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