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Re: Dromeosaurs most efficient (meanest) hunters

I think it harkens back to the day John Ostrom noticed that most of the
characteristics of Deinonychus were those of a highly active animal,
seemingly more adapted (or specialized) for speed than other dinosaurs
found prior to it.

But that's just my guess, you understand.

-Betty Cunningham

WileE81@aol.com wrote:
> Every time I see something that says that dromeosaurs
> "best" suited for hunting I can't help but question what this is based on. Is
> it mostly assumption. Is it that they are seemingly "better suited for
> speed",Or the arsenal of claws that it unleashed on its prey with such a fury.
> why is it considered so much more efficient than a tyrrannosaur (especially
> T.Rex). And what hard evidence is this based upon.
> I think it possible that a Tyrannosaur may have have been more efficient (or
> at least equal) in its pursuing and killing  ability than a dromeosaur. Can
> anyone support or argue this assumption.
> F. DeNota