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Re: HTML e-mail

On Sat, 14 Feb 1998, D.I.G. wrote:

> How many folks on the list are still using e-mail software that is
> unable to receive "Rich Text" or HTML e-mail?

I use a couple 3 or 4 mailreaders, they all seperate HTML documents from
the message body into a MIME attachment. 
HTML-ized email is a personal pet-peeve of ours because some of us out
here on the net don't WANT to switch mail readers and don't like 
netscape or IE-mail for various reasons. The net at large STILL, despite
what middle America may think, does not run through an AOL window on a 
Windoze box. 
> As this is the new international standard for e-mail, you would be well
> advised (if possible) to obtain up-to-date software.

Please cite an ISO, ITA, CCITT, or IETF RFC document number to back
this up, otherwise its just not so.

The main reason not to use Netscape or IE for mail IMHO is that its
damn insecure. Show me a conference where people are using POP/IMAP or
HTML-based email and I will show you a hundred different hard disks where
tons of email messages thought to be private are just waiting in cache
or temporary files to be read by everybody and his pet pinacosaur who 
happens to walk by that machine.

Frankly, I haven't seen all that much worth to this
either. Just about every HTML-mail message I've seen consists exclusively
of plaintext. No links, no attachments, nothing. Why even bother then?
Just get a good MIME-capable mailreader and go with that...

> If, however, there are HUGE numbers of folks who (because of University
> administration or other considerations) are stuck using software that
> they wouldn't wish on their worst enemy, perhaps the Listserver can be
> configured to strip it off.

I would say that the majority of the list still DOES use plaintext-based
mailreaders just based on the ratio of HTML/non-HTML-based messages I see.
I would suspect that many of the institutional connections here are
among the "stuck", given what most paleo departments and museums seem to 
get for budgets. 

They can have my xmh when they pry it from my cold dead drives...