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Re:Re: Topic of the Day #1

At 09:51 AM 2/12/98 -0500, Jonathan wrote:
>Actually, Archaeopteryx had a long tail as well.
>(and there is the distinct possibility that Compsognathus
>had feathers too, although probably not of the same type).

This brings up an interesting point about the preservation of Archie.  Are
any feathers other than the flight-related feathers actually preserved in
any specimen?  As I remember the specimens, the preserved feathers are
mainly, or entirely, the wing and tail feathers.  Am I right, or has
looking at plaster casts through glass deceived me?

If this is so, than the lack of feathers on the Compsognathus specimens may
be strictly due to it only having body feathers of the sort not preserved
in Archie.  Is this possible?

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