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Re: "Dragons?"

D.I.G. wrote:

> Just to beat this horse to death, there is no similar substantial
> evidence for the roots of any of the European or Near Eastern or any
> other so-called "dragon" myths in paleontological remains.

Well, now, I'm not so sure of that.  I just bought a book called DRAGONS: A
NATURAL HISTORY, which contains numerous illustrations of dragons and
dragonlike beasts from various sources, from all over the world and all
through the books of recorded history.  One illustration is especially
striking.  It's labeled as being from a Flemish manuscript produced in 1448.
It shows several angelic beings killing a wyvern with arrows and long spears.
The wyvern is about man-size, with two legs, no forelimbs, a long snakey tail,
bare skin without scales, large batlike wings, a long neck, and a sort of
vaguely ratlike head with a long mouth filled with forward pointing teeth.  If
I place this illustration side by side with any good reconstruction of a
long-tailed, crestless pterosaur like _Ramphorhynchus_, the resemblance is

-- Jon W.