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A generic reply about HTML mail: no dinos

Yours truly is suffering now from an extreme case of "let's all kill the

As I've been inundated with various intensely held personal
personal/political/religious opinions about the merits and demerits of
being able to put bold or italics in your e-mail, I am honoring your
interest with a generic reply and would GREATLY appreciate it if we
could drop this permanently. There were SOOOOO many e-mails, that my
fingers got tired answering.

For the record:
1) I don't care what kind of e-mail ends up being standard.
2) I don't care about being able to put bold or italics of "Boldoni" or
sounds or videos or hyperlinks in my e-mail
3) We monitor "client usage" on a day to day basis as part of our web
publishing research: It is absolutely, statistically clear and
undeniable (no matter what you would all love to believe about your
favorite e-mail or browser client) that MS and Netscape clients DOMINATE
the web and that they all ship with HTML mail as STANDARD features: MS
Outlook Express and Netscape Messenger.
4) Yes, you are all right, no governing body has sat down and decided on
a standard, and there are competing standards.
5) It IS possible that HTML mail will dry up and blow away.
6) It is also possible that virtually every mailing list on the net will
have to sooner or later deal with HTML mail as a fact of life the same
way that we need to deal with "frames" or "JAVA" or 32bit architecture.
7) I absolutely respect everyone's right to use the e-mail client of
their choice in the privacy of their own home with any other consenting

Thank you for listening. Please DO NOT reply to this message. Please
find another consenting adult to reply to. 


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