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Re: "plumed" serpents (LONG)

Of course, here are many other "European" words for DRAGON, like Slavic
ZMAJ, and also AZDAJA or ALA (from Turkish).

By the way, this discussion reminded me of an unusual medieval painting of a
dragon (Vs. St. George in armor ). Rather then being painted in a "classic
way" like a quadruped (plus wings - which is not logical), this dragon looks
more like a theropod, though with wings instead of his arms. No fire from
his mouth. It would be interesting to learn where did the painter find the
inspiration to paint a theropod-like dragon? I would guess: from a well
preserved fossil find (Dragons in Austria and Slovenia were "restored" after
Coelodonta finds, while i.e. Cyclops were inspired with pigmy elephants
skulls from Sicily.
The painting is well known (the dragon exits from the cave and the maid is
to him, while St.. George charges riding the white horse, stabbing the beast
in the head with a lance - blood dripping), but I can't remember the name of
the painter.

Berislav Krzic
Beri's Dinosaur World
Dinosaur Books