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Re: "Dragons?"

D.I.G. wrote:

> Let's be clear, folks.
> In China there are actual, "you can see 'em, touch 'em, taste 'em" bones
> in the ground that you can visit tomorrow morning and that real and/or
> formerly living, breathing swearing and eliminating human beings have
> been digging up for thousands of years. These "I can' hit you on the
> head with them and cause a concussion" bones are the substantial origin
> of the Chinese "dragon" myth.
> Despite your books and the resemblance to whichever dinosaur you want to
> name, where, exactly, are the European "bones" that match up with the
> myth?

Well, there's this place in Germany called Solnhofen . . . which was being used
as a source for building-stone as long ago as the first century AD, and 
from which has shown up as far away as Constantinople.  You're welcome to assume
that pterosaur fossils didn't start turning up in the Solnhofen limestones until
modern times, but I see no reason to be that limited in my thinking.

-- JSW