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Troodontids and Pachycephalosaurs (no way related)

I have a couple questions (like always).  First of all are there any 
other known Troodontids other than _Troodon formosus_ .

     Second of all I've been thinking of Pachycephalosaur defenses, I 
think most of them may have butted heads like rams in intraspecific 
battle, but when I looked at _Stygmioloch_ I started to think that it 
may have fought more like deer.  I was also wondering if the "Pachys" 
(tired of writing it out) may have used their thick skulls for defense 
against predators.

Larry Akins
(aka Red Raptor)
Red= Fav. color
Raptor= fav. dinos and birds
(in case anyone was wondering)

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