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RE: Dinosaur extinction

There are lots of accepted theories for the extinction of dinosaurs. Trouble
is there're not all accepted by the same people. Each is plausible, but
flawed, and no one theory fits all of the evidence.
Major theories:
1)  Meteorite/Asteroid/Bolide impact: Hit in Mexico, threw up huge cloud of
dust, which blocked out the sun, earth got cold, dinos died. I personally
don't like this much, but a lot of really smart people think it's the
answer. Seems to be the current favourite.
2)  Deccan Traps volcanic eruption: Huge volcanic eruption in India, threw
up dust , blocked the sun etc.....Many people's second favourite.
3)  Destruction of Pangea. For much of the Mesozoic, the continents were
locked together in a supercontinent, at round about dino extinction time, it
broke up, causing massive climate shifts etc. Making the world a difficult
place to live in. I favour this one.
4)  Changes in patterns of flora and fauna that were around at the time.
Diet changes, dinos can't adapt, etc..
5)  Lots of others, that various people think are the most important.

Dinosaur extinction is one of the most interesting parts of dinosaur study
(IMO), but a problem with it is that many people have deeply entrenched
views, so it can become more like a religious debate than a scientific one.

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> Am I right in assuming that there are no accepted theories for the
> extinction of dinosaurs? What are the most popular theories? If one is
> more
> popular than the others, which is it? Is discussing the extinction of
> dinos
> considered vulgar?