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Re: Dromeosaurs most efficient (meanest) hunters

At 03:10 AM 2/16/98 EST, WileE81 wrote:

> I believe that dromeosaurs were faster and more agile than a Tyrannosaur .

Agile, yes, I'd agree.

Faster?  Based on what?  Dromaeosaurs have just about the shortest and
broadest tibiae and metatarsals of the nonavian theropods.  Tyrannosaurids
have the longest and most slender tibiae and metatarsals for any theropod in
their size range.  On top of that, tyrannosaurids have some nice
shock-abosrbing potential in their feet.  All other things being equal, a
tyrannosaurid should be expected to cover more ground per unit time (aka,
speed) than a dromaeosaurid of the same size.

(The story is complicated somewhat by the probable reorganized musculature
of dromaeosaurs, but the basic principles still apply)..

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