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Re: "Dragons?"

At 11:13 AM 2/16/98 -0500, Ed wrote:
>Let's be clear, folks.
>In China there are actual, "you can see 'em, touch 'em, taste 'em" bones
>in the ground that you can visit tomorrow morning and that real and/or
>formerly living, breathing swearing and eliminating human beings have
>been digging up for thousands of years. These "I can' hit you on the
>head with them and cause a concussion" bones are the substantial origin
>of the Chinese "dragon" myth.

But, to clarify, the vast majority of "dragon" bones in the pharmacies of
the great cities of China were NOT dinosaurs.  They were late Cenozoic
mammals: horses, mammoths, Gigantopithecus, etc.  (Makes a lot of sense, as
many classic Cenozoic localities are very close to Beijing and other big
cities in China).

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