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Re: "Dragons?"

Mr. Woolf writes that there is "no reason to be limited in his

This is fine if we are talking about either speculation or fairy tales
(both of which I indulge in myself).

On the other hand, a hypothesis (of the type common in cryptozoology)
has been proposed: to wit: the specific origin of the so-called European
dragon is from dinosaur bones.

That hypothesis is substantiated by EVIDENCE in CHINA.

To the best of my knowlege, however, there is NO EVIDENCE in EUROPE.

While I wouldn't for a moment disagree with Mr. Woolf's assessment of
the resemblance between various modern photographs of fossils and
paintings of various dragons, these is a totally hindsight evaluation.

That is the point!

If someone could, in fact, DOCUMENT the relationship between a fossil
find say 800 years ago and some medieval painter sitting down and going
"Aha! I think I'll draw a picture of what this thing looks like!" I
would love to see it! So far as I know, Hawkins (sp? Brian?) is the
first artist to do such a thing and he is mid 19th century.

My "agenda" here is only to find out if such a thing happened. So far,
all I've heard is stuff that would make Erich von Danikaan happy.


Jonathon Woolf wrote:
> D.I.G. wrote:
> >
> > Despite your books and the resemblance to whichever dinosaur you want to
> > name, where, exactly, are the European "bones" that match up with the
> > myth?
> Well, there's this place in Germany called Solnhofen . . . which was being 
> used
> as a source for building-stone as long ago as the first century AD, and 
> limestone
> from which has shown up as far away as Constantinople.  You're welcome to 
> assume
> that pterosaur fossils didn't start turning up in the Solnhofen limestones 
> until
> modern times, but I see no reason to be that limited in my thinking.
> -- JSW

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