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Re: Dromeosaurs most efficient (meanest) hunters

In a message dated 98-02-17 09:01:25 EST, you write:

<< > I believe that dromeosaurs were faster and more agile than a Tyrannosaur
..>>>Faster?  Based on what?  
based on the countless number of books I've seen that describe them as being
"built for speed"  

Dromaeosaurs have just about the shortest and
> broadest tibiae and metatarsals of the nonavian theropods.  Tyrannosaurids
> have the longest and most slender tibiae and metatarsals for any theropod in
 >their size range.  On top of that, tyrannosaurids have some nice
 >shock-abosrbing potential in their feet.  All other things being equal, a
 >tyrannosaurid should be expected to cover more ground per unit time (aka,
 >speed) than a dromaeosaurid of the same size. >>

this would make tyrannosaurids among the fastestest of its time for its size,
and definitely faster than its prey.
This supports my original claims , that there is nothing to prove that
were seemingly better (or more efficient) hunters.